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About Creative Something


Creative Something is a leading source of insights and thoughts on the science behind creativity and inspiration.

My goal is to address the question of: How can we better understand our creativity, in order to do more with it?

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Why Creative Something?

I started this Tumblr blog back in 2008 and dedicated it to helping creatives better understand their creativity in order to do more great work.

Tanner Christensen

Who am I? I’m Tanner Christensen. I make things for creatives, like Brainbean, Prompts for writers, Oflow, and Drwer and contribute to 99u by Behance (part of the Adobe family).

Creative Something is not a business, or a covert operation by any corporation or individuals representing a particular organization.

It is not a typical Tumblr (or a typical blog for that matter).

It’s not really a journal, though that could be debated. It’s not a portfolio of work either, for me or those I work with or are inspired by.

It’s simply a place to come and think about or explore creativity. Thanks for reading. If you’d like to learn more about me or get in touch, visit my personal site.