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Create your own idea pocket book for less than $1.


Crafty and creative idea books for your pocket.

Last week I wrote about how important it is to write down your ideas, and I listed a few ways you can write down ideas no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Unfortunately, buying notebooks or writing supplies can sometimes be costly, and the books are often boring-looking, which makes it hard to be motivated and write constantly.

Creating your own pocket book is also a great way to exercise your creativity by creating something personal and unique. This isn’t just creating a book for writing down your ideas, it’s a way to stretch your creativity.

So, if you are short on money (or don’t want to spend a lot), and if you want to add a bit of your own creative flare to your idea notebook, here’s a great way to create your own book for less than $1!

What you will need.

The best part of creating your own idea pocket book is that it can be anything you want. You will, however, need a few essential materials you will need to make your book. The things you’ll need include:

  • A sharp cutting tool, such as an exacto-knife, a regular knife, or scissors.
  • Something to bind the pages and cover together. Tape, glue, a stapler, string, yarn, or metal clips/clamps work great.
  • Paper. Lined or unlined, it depends on what type you want in your book.
  • If possible: a hole-puncher. It’s not necessary, but is definitely helpful.

Once you have the things you need you can get started. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Find the materials for your cover.

For the cover of my idea pocket book, I used the inside packaging from my iPod Touch box. Because I already had the box from when I got my iPod, I didn’t have to spend anything on the cover. For your cover, get creative and find some type of heavier, paper material around your house or work. You could easily use some creative material for your cover, including cardstock or even a soda can.

Step 2 - Cut your covers out.

When you know what material you want to use for your cover, you’ll need to cut it to an appropriate size. The easier the book will fit in your pocket: the easier it will be to carry around and write constantly in, so try not to cut the cover too big. Remember that you will need two pieces to form the front and back of your book.

Step 3 - Cut a hole in the top corner of each cover.

For my booklet I used some spare yarn to tie it all together, so I needed to create some holes for the yarn to go through. If you have tape or a stapler, clamps or glue, then you can skip this step and go right to step 5. If, however, you are going to use a type of string or clip for your pocket book, you will need to cut holes on the top of your covers. If you don’t have a hole-puncher, you can do what I did and use an exacto-knife or scissors to twist a hole into the material.

Step 4 - Cut another hole on the other corner.

Your booklet is going to be used a lot, so you’ll need to strengthen it’s bind by cutting another hole out of the other corner of the covers. These holes will later be tied with string, or yarn, or clipped together with clipping rings. Don’t worry about making them look perfect, just try your best to get decent holes into the top of your covers.

Step 5 - Snip your paper and cut holes from it.

Once you have the covers ready, take some paper and fold/cut it to be a little bit smaller than your covers. For my booklet I used some lined paper from my journal, folded it in half and cut it into small rectangles. Once you have your paper sized, you’ll need to cut holes into the top of each sheet to match the holes on your covers - unless you are using string, glue, clamps, or a stapler.

Step 6 - Tie it all together.

Now you’re ready to put your booklet together. Place your folded and cut paper between your covers and, if you are using string or yarn, tie the string loosely around the outside of the booklet. If the string isn’t loose, you won’t be able to open the booklet easily. If you are using tape, glue, or a stapler, just tape, glue, or staple your pages to your covers.

Step 7 - Viola!

That’s it! It’s that easy to put together your own idea pocket book, and you can do it out of any material you have lying around your home or office. Now you don’t have a reason to carry a pocket notebook around with you and write your ideas down.