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For the past five years Creative Something has been exploring creativity.

Every once in a while over the past half-decade I’ve made an effort to improve the site. Not only to encourage more interaction and to make the face fresher, but to make it easier for you to discover new ideas, more inspiration or motivation, and become more creative.

I’m happy to announce that the latest version of the site is now live. There’s a lot that’s new, and more coming very soon.

There’s a new design that is a bit cleaner and hopefully easier to read. It even works great on mobile devices, so you can read on the go from your iPhone or tablet.

Now each post is being tagged by category, so you can explore all posts along one subject if you want, like all work-related posts.

Commenting has been enabled. If you want to ask a question, add some insight, or just say “thanks,” you can do that now by visting the article’s URL. Share your ideas with the community!

In the coming weeks you’ll start seeing and hearing more about the Creative Something network, which is a series of other websites offering products like mobile apps, eBooks, free guides, etc. exclusively for Creative Something. More ways for you to grow, and a definitive way for the site to make money and keep going.

I’m also in the process of interviewing co-authors to help write more content here every day. So you’ll start seeing a lot more goodness.

As always, thanks for reading. I hope to keep inspiring and motiving you, keeping the site fresh is one step towards doing that.

Photo via Library of Congress.

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