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Build creativity and energize your imagination with Brainbean


“A brain training app suitable for anyone from the ages of nine to 109. With eight games available, based on various scientific exercises, with the aim of challenging your brain to the full.” – Gizmodo

Download Brainbean for free from the iPad App Store.

Reinventing how people find stock photos with PicoImages


Thanks to PicoImages for sponsoring Creative Something this week. They offer a great service that I think you’re going to like. Read on for the details.

Finding great looking photos online at affordable prices can be hard.

Running a blog, setting up a website, printing a small zine, or doing any other kind of creative work that requires photos means a lot of digging around on the web for high-quality stuff. So there’s a natural dilemma here for creatives.

You could use stock photos, but they’re often expensive and it’s a pain to find exactly what you’re looking for. You could also use your own camera to take photos, but you’re stuck with the same problem of getting exactly what you need.

Which is where PicoImages comes in.

In their own words:

With Pico, we want to reinvent how people find stock photography by leveraging crowdsourcing. First, buyers post an image request describing what they’re looking for. Then, anyone with a photo that matches the description can submit a photo. When photos are purchased, Pico arranges the image licensing and transfers the money from the buyer to the photographer (minus transaction fees).

So, for a minimal price ($10 listing fee and then whatever you’re willing to pay for the resulting photos) you can get exactly the photos you need for our website or blog, zine or other publication, portfolio work, etc. Starting today they’re also allowing you to list your photo requests for free by either Tweeting or posting a link to Facebook.

If you’re a photographer: this is an easy way to make some spare cash doing what you love.

Browse the photo requests (you can see the most recent right on the homepage) and if you’ve got what it takes to make a good photo, submit it at no cost. If the buyer chooses your work, you get paid and they get the photo they were looking for.

Best of all: PicoImages is made for creatives by creatives. The duo behind the scenes over there really understand the problem of trying to find great photos for using in creative work. It’s a new endeavor of theirs, but the team at Pico took the initiative by asking: Why not now?

I just started using the service over the weekend and it was a breeze to sign-up and post a photo request. I’m really excited to be using the service moving forward for discovering photos to use on Creative Something.

Trust me when I say you should try this, if you’re in need of high-quality photos on a tight budget or if you’re a photographer looking for some quick cash. Go signup now at

Win a year of creative wiki access with Seizam.



My thanks to Seizam for sponsoring Creative Something this week. We’re doing something a little different this week, so read on.

Seizam is an amazing, wiki-based creative and collaborative community for artists. I honestly love this. With Seizam (pronounced “see-zum”) you create a place (available at to build out your own creative pages around inspiration and work, wiki-style. The whole process allows you, as an artist, to get up and running with your own portfolio site in minutes. From there you can customize your pages and display your work in a beautiful way. You can connect your page to others and dive into discussions around other artists’ pages and work right from the website.

If you’re an artist and you want to display your work online, Seiam is one of the places I highly recommend you start.

Plans start at just $6.50 a month, but for this week only you have a chance to win a free, one-year subscription to the service (a $300+ value)! And anyone who creates an account this week will receive a limited, invitation-only free pro account good for one month. This is an exclusive giveaway for Creative Something readers.

To enter, create a free account at, then visit the invitation promo page and enter the invitation code “Creative_Something_Contest" and you’ll get one free month of pro access, plus automatically be entered to win a year subscription.

No purchase necessary to enter, this sweepstakes is valid for all readers around the world. Sweepstakes entries will no longer be valid after one week (December 3rd, 2012).

Is Myspace the Future for Creative Portfolios?


New Myspace

When reached out to sponsor Creative Something this week they also proposed a post that I felt was intriguing enough to share. Today’s article is that very post, from guest writer Emily Buchanan. Without further ado, here’s Emily.

Imagine a lovechild between Pintrest and Spotify and then put that lovechild on steroids. Sounds pretty impressive, right? Well that’s the impression many socialites are getting from the promotional video of the brand-spanking new Myspace. Thanks to Specific Media, it’s undergone some pretty drastic surgery and has got a lot of people frantically reaching for their criticism hats before the site’s even gone live.

Myspace has got a lot to prove. The site enjoyed a short and illustrious rein back in the olden days of the internet when customisable CSS codes were the craze (causing the crash of many an out-of-shape computer) and creative artists from every industry were free to showcase their skills (or lack thereof). Having been usurped by the merciless invasion of social warhorse Facebook, Myspace has falteringly kept its head above the digital water of doom.

It’s going to take miraculous measures, then, for Myspace to be accepted back into the social networking fold, let alone back into the throne room.

But what resurrective measures are Myspace touting? A “true to our roots” strategy that “empowers people to express themselves however they want.” The brand continues: “…Whether you’re a musician, photographer, filmmaker, designer or just a dedicated fan, we’d love for you to be a part of our brand new community.”

As much as one can garner from the video, it seems that the new Myspace is targeting the creative community at large.

Using their culture-centric (and unquestionably stunning) redesign, the new Myspace offers creative, business-savvy people the chance to connect directly with fans and industry influencers in a way that emphasises the use of multi-media. Artists have access to their Top Fans (though it’s uncertain how this will be measured) and can share exclusive content with them. Not only is this a great way of encouraging fans to be more socially active, it means you can direct your material to those who want it. As MySpace owner Tim Vanderhook puts it, the new Myspace “allows the creative community to connect.”

On the new site a profile becomes a digital portfolio. It features a unique harmony between music and image, targeting both senses for the greatest impact, and offers an incredible “mixes” tool that has endless possibilities.

Justin Timberlake (who now part-owns the business) shows us how it’s done in the promotional video, using his mixes to feature soundtracks from his movies, to make two albums dedicated to his influencers and, of course, to promote his own material. It’s like a discography that people can engage with.

Of course, this tool isn’t restricted to musicians; it’s an amazing way to display artwork, design material, sheet music from scores, photography or, indeed, film alongside the music/audio-books/soundtracks/spoken word that inspired them. With the right mind set, it will bring your creativity to life using all of the mediums that aided it.

Furthermore, the new site provides a statistics tool which can reveal important information about fans. As strange as it sounds, Myspace pools all data from active fans and then displays their whereabouts, their social influences, their gender and their tastes. This tool could be an amazing way for artists to measure and respond to their successes. Need to know where to sell your work, where to go on tour or which age group to target? Myspace statistics can tell you.

The question now is, have the guys at Specific Media tapped into something that creative professionals want (and, indeed, need)? Or is this the final blow out before a long overdue exit?

The new Myspace has one vital selling point: the connection it offers between the creator and the creative. How you choose to leverage that connection is completely down to you. It’ll be very interesting to see how people do.

Will you be joining the new Myspace? Let us know your thoughts on twitter @tannerc or @MusicroomOnline.

Introducing Creative Something sponsorships.



Thank you for reading Creative Something. It’s been more than four years since I first started blogging here, and the growth and attention the blog has received has been phenomenal. I couldn’t have gone this far without you.

I’m excited to announce a new growth for the website: Creative Something weekly sponsorships.

Starting now, businesses or individuals can sponsor the blog each week and get exposure to the more than 40,000 subscribers that read it on a daily basis.

What this means is that you, as a reader, will continue to get the same great creative content for free, but at the beginning of each week there will be a sponsored post that allows me to thank the sponsor for that week. The costs will cover the time put into working on the blog, domain costs, and allow me to erase any advertising that would otherwise impede on your reading experience.

This is a great opportunity for me to expand the blog and to help exposure some amazing businesses or people as well. You can count on only seeing sponsorship posts that are useful to you as a reader, there will be no spammy advertisements or excessive posts that aren’t helpful to creatives like you or I. So it’s a win-win-win.

Sponsorships are now open. If you’d like to learn more you can visit the sponsorship page and get in touch to schedule a post.