Embracing uncertainty in creative work

I have no idea if what I’m working on is right, more than half the time.

Arguably, it’s the same for any of the creative individuals we look-up to as well. Austin Kleon is an artist and writer I admire, and it seems that lately almost everything he does is golden, but I’m willing to bet he’s simply doing things he enjoys doing, without any preconception of whether or not they’re “creative” or going to be “successful” or not.

Just look at the lives led by Picasso, Einstein, Jobs, Chanel, O'Keeffe, and others; they never pursued creating something like they did. Rather, they focused their efforts on the things they felt drawn to: right or wrong, path to fame or not.

And really this is worth repeating endlessly: creativity (and creative success) requires that we embrace the notion of uncertainty, that we pursue endeavors because we feel drawn to do so. Little else can do us as well as remembering this point.

You don’t need to know if what you’re doing is right, to be creative. You just have to do.

Pursuing creativity for the sake of being creative is like chasing a ball down a steep hill. Your better making your way down the hill at your own pace and meeting the ball at the bottom.

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