What to do if you don’t have time to be creative

We know that time is a limited resource. That’s universal for us all.

Every day we’re given 24 hours and every day those hours pass by and are gone for good. So what we dedicate our time and attention to really matters, of course.

But did you know that creativity doesn’t need to be a time activity? You can, and should be, incorporating creativity into nearly everything you do each day. Writing a blog post, working on an assignment, doing your laundry, all can be creative activities. There’s no need to dedicate time to being creative when you can merely incorporate creativity into what you already do each day. Everything you do, every day of your life, is an opportunity to be creative.

Rather than following the same routine, try shaking it up a bit (have dinner after waking up and breakfast before bed, as a small example).

You don’t have to “find time” to be creative, when everything you’re already doing is an opportunity to do it differently, creatively.

What can you do creative today, without taking up any more time?

Photo by Hobvias Sudeneighm.