Where have ideas been hiding from you lately?

There are things hidden from you, right now.

More than the small dust bunnies cluttering around your desk or the floor. More than the particles floating through the warm air on the rays of sunlight shooting through the windows and cracks in the doorways.

If you aren’t finding the inspiration you need to run amok, to create, to think creatively, to do things a little differently, to experience something new, consider the places you aren’t looking.

Beneath your desk or chair or couch. Inside of it-was-full-of-liquid-until-recently coffee cups or mugs. On the ceiling, or the bottom of your shoe, or in the eyes of a stranger.

Today, look where you haven’t been for inspiration. Even the smallest things could be all you need to feel inspired and get back to creating.

Seek out inspiration in all of the crevices and hidden places you haven’t thought to look before today. Turn over every stone.

Photo by Rosmary.