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There’s a lot to be said for simply doing. Not fretting over every detail or waiting until it all feels right. Particularly for creativity: leaping before looking is valuable.

If you wait – to write the draft, to share the design, to make the melody, or what have you – you increase the likelihood that you’ll find something to tweak, or something to wait on, or something that makes any effort feel not worth it (at least not right now).

Instead, throw yourself onto the waves of uncertainty, of not knowing if the words will make sense, if the drawing will be understandable, or if the idea is sound.

Ideas are, after all, worthless until we get them out of our heads to see what they can do.

Besides: why worry trying to perfect or critique something that doesn’t even exist? Do something to move the idea forward first, everything else can come later.

Or, in my case: write first, title later.