You don’t feel creative because you aren’t acting creative

In Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite Paul Arden tells us why we so often struggle to think creatively:

“[You feel] trapped. It’s not because you are making the wrong decisions, it’s because you are making the right ones. We try to make sensible decisions based on the facts in front of us. The problem with making sensible decisions is that so is everyone else.”

Sensible, rational decisions are great for our well-being, but they do little to help us overcome new obstacles or invent new ideas. They also don’t do a thing for helping us stand-out from the crowd, which is particularly important for artists and similarly creative professionals (everyone else who feels it’s important too, of course).

If we want to be creative we must look toward the less sensible and more abstract decisions. That doesn’t mean we have to make irrational decisions, only that we remain open to thinking about them from time-to-time.

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