Today, try at least one “what if?”

What if you tried something different with your day today?

You might fail, that is certainly a possibility. You might succeed though too, that’s also a very possible outcome.

If you tried sitting down to write that long-overdue book, even though you don’t consider yourself much of a writer, what would happen?

If you picked up that fancy camera of yours and took a few photos with the intent of putting on an art show, even though you only know how to use the basic settings on the camera and have no idea what the difference between aperture and saturation are, what would happen?

If you tried saying “hello” to that stranger you see every day and then pushed for more of a conversation, or if you tried setting up a new website on your own, or if tried to get in touch with that idol of yours who can help answer a question you have, what do you think would happen?

No matter what you think might happen if you tried to turn a “what if” into something real today, you can’t accurately say that you know what would ultimately happen; nobody knows, that’s why it’s uncertainty.

It can be scary, trying new things, but today is your opportunity to face that fear and see what happens when you try to creatively mix things up.

Today, if you find yourself asking “What if?” Try making that into a reality, and see what happens.

Photo by M Yashna.