Be loud


If I could change that infamous quote from comedic genius Steve Martin, I would change it to be:

“Be so loud they can’t ignore you.”

Showing your work and ideas often–and voicing your thoughts–is what sets you apart from the millions who aren’t stepping up to do the work or aren’t willing to share it when they do.

In his spectacular book on the subject, titled Show Your Work, artist and author Austin Kleon tells us all we need to know about why sharing your work is so important:

“It’s not enough to be good. In order to be found, you have to be findable.”

Sharing leads to feedback, which leads to improvements, which leads to being found, which leads to producing more of what you love. The value of sharing your work cannot be overstated.

Share your work and your ideas if you want to be found. Share them early, often, and always.