What’s not holding you back?

Money can be a problem for big ideas. So can time and focus.

It’s easy to find reasons for not turning an idea into reality. Anyone can procrastinate and come up with excuses for not trying something creative. That’s what sets the big innovators – like Steve Jobs was – from the everyday worker.

However, and this is something I strongly believe in, it’s also easy to find things that are not holding you back.

If you say money is a reason for not pursuing your idea, then I’ll quickly point out that all it takes for most ideas to become a reality is a pencil and piece of paper and someone who will listen. That’s it.

You already have everything you need (including time) to at least start working with your ideas, here and now.

If focus is your problem then there’s an easy remedy for that which you can try today: start. Set a timer for 10 minutes (everyone has 10 minutes to spare, at least) and sit down with a sheet of paper and draw or write out your idea however you can. There, you’ve started the process of turning it into a reality. Come back tomorrow and spend another 10 minutes outlining next steps, then follow through the next day.

We hardly know what we can do with our ideas, fear of failure usually comes into the picture, but what we really can’t grasp is what’s not holding us back.

Today, as you come up with ideas, ask yourself: “How can I make this a reality right now, with what I have available to me?” Then do it.