Have you noticed your creativity lately?

Whether you think you are someone who is naturally creative or not, there’s something you should begin to recognize starting today.

It happens to all of us, more often than you might think.

When you’re driving through traffic and you almost instinctively find the quickest route to your destination, that’s one example. Or when you’re trying to solve a problem at work or school and suddenly you have a realization and a solution presents itself to you, that’s another example. Maybe you’re putting the dishes away at night and have to cram a lot of dishes into a small space and somehow, almost magically, you make it work.

These are just a few examples of small creative things we regularly do. And we all do them or similar things every day of our lives.

Today, take some time to recognize the small creative things you do that you don’t typically realize you’ve done.

Anything where you find a better or faster or more rewarding way to do it, or where you try something new and it works, or where you do something differently and learn from the experience.

No matter how small the action, it’s these tiny acts of creativity that we all do every day that prove we each have innate creative capacities waiting to be unleashed.

What small acts of creativity have you overlooked lately? What if you started recognizing them today?

Photo by Okko Pyykko.