The Creativity Challenge, a new book



150 unique creative challenges to help you design, experiment, test, innovate, build, create, inspire, and unleash your creative genius.

That’s what my new book The Creativity Challenge is all about: trying small things in order to do more with your ideas and discover new ones in everything around you.

I’m excited to announce the book today because you can now pre-order it online, though you won’t get it until August when it start shipping.

I’ve been writing about creativity for eight years now, and The Creativity Challenge is a combination of everything I’ve learned. All smashed into 150 compelling challenges you can do alone, with a friend, or part of your school or business activities. The challenges are designed to be dynamic, so whether you want to become a better artist, writer, or photographer, start a business, do something adventurous on the weekend, or otherwise shake up your routine: these challenges are going to be a lot of fun.

If you’re up for the challenges this book will present you with – things like: creating blackout poems, acting out your opposite, two minutes doodle squares, designing a package for yourself, and many more – my hope is that you’ll pre-order today.

You can pre-order at Amazon or Barnes and Noble for just a few cents over $13.

What a deal, right?

By pre-ordering now, the publisher will know how many copies to make when the book launches in August. The more copies that are pre-ordered, the more likely it is we can help spread the word about the book, getting it into more hands of those who need it most: artists, writers, architects, poets, musicians, designers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, babysitters, teachers, you name it.

If you’re up for the challenge, I hope you’ll pre-order a copy of my upcoming book and share a link to this post with a friend or co-worker who you think might be up for the challenge as well.