Interviewing creativity champion Tom Tresser

“Our long term objective is to elevate creativity to a national value and priority within the next 20 years.”

Those are the words spoken by creativity activist (yes, that’s a real thing) Tom Tresser during a 2006 interview for the American Creativity Association.

Tom is more than just a creativity champion, he’s an activist and political entity. Tom isn’t your run‒of‒the‒mill artist or writer either, he’s a true creative thinker who has been helping weave creativity into America’s culture for more than 20 years.

In his ACA interview, Tom explains why he’s taken on the role of a creativity champion: “Before you can change the world, you better have a picture of what that new world looks like, and have the skills to work toward it. The idea of Creative America is to get people who work in the creative industries, inspire and train them to run for local office”

And what about how to inspire creativity? Tom talks about that a bit as well by saying: “learning is entirely experiential. A successful method of promoting creativity is by producing events that blend elements of entertainment, learning, fun, inspiration and a call to action. Call it ‘edutainment’ or inter-disciplinary special event production.”

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