Everyone has ideas.

It’s what the successful artist does with her ideas that makes her a true creative success.

Consider the small business owner down the street too: what made his business a reality was not simply the idea of starting a business, but rather the actions he made to turn the idea into something real. Same with the independent writer who just signed a $600,000 contract, or the employee who received a 10% promotion, or the school teacher who helped hundreds of students graduate with educational honors. They all got to where they are by doing something with their ideas.

Everyone has ideas, but not everyone has the will and drive and insights to actually do something with those ideas.

There are no excuses, either.

You don’t need a million dollars or a new notebook or a fancy computer or $50 brushes or an extra hour in the day. What you need is to use what you already have and do what you can with the ideas you have. That’s how many – I would say 99% – of the world’s geniuses have acted; They’ve come up with ideas and used whatever was available to them in order to make their ideas happen.

Write it down and share the idea with a friend. Email someone who inspires you and get their input on the idea. Make a model with craft paper and scissors. Start a campaign on Kickstarter to get funding and make your idea more than just another idea.

Today, let nothing stand in your way. Be a true creative. Do something to make your ideas a reality.

Photo by Arai Moleri Riva-Zucchelli.