The Creativity Challenge!

Thinking creatively on-the-spot can be hard and sometimes even a little scary. But it doesn’t have to be.

The Creativity Challenge is for anyone who wishes they could take their craft or hobby to the next level, who is stuck trying to solve a creative problem at work or home, who dreams of writing a book or some other creative endeavor. Basically everyone who wants to be more creative.

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Through the 150 unique creative challenges spanning 200 pages within The Creativity Challenge, you’ll find your footing on how to think creatively. Each challenge falls into one of five category types:

  1. Convergent challenges – Like putting a puzzle together
  2. Divergent challenges – Taking ideas apart
  3. Lateral challenges – Step-by-step thinking
  4. Emergent challenges – Natural, meditative thinking
  5. Aesthetic challenges – Aristic and visual

Each challenge is going to help you to break free of non-creative thinking patterns in a fun and original way.

This is the creative book for any writer, entrepreneur, artist, student or teacher, parent, dreaming‒of‒becoming professional, crafty DIYer.

There are even pages dedicated to drawing/scribbling/writing on. You’ll find that this is a unique type of book; it’s about trying little things that can have a big impact on the way you think.

You can get The Creativity Challenge now for as low as $12.33!

Buy it online: Amazon ‒ Barnes & Noble ‒ IndieBound