Why you should act on your ideas, right now

You have a lot to do most days, right?

There’s cleaning and cooking to be done, socializing with friends and family, catching up on bills or old projects, and potentially a full-time job or educational study that takes up most of your time.

If you want to use your creative ideas it’s going to be difficult to find the time to do so, which is why many ideas simply die out over time. Unfortunately most of us simply don’t have time to do it all.

This is why, when it comes to using ideas, the absolute best thing you can do is something, right now.

When Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost had an idea for an iPhone tripod stand they were likely as busy as you and I are today. But they didn’t let their idea fade away, instead they did the best thing they could with the short amount of free time they had available: they made a very rough sketch of their product idea in a notebook. That was it.

Then, a few days later, with the sketch in mind, the two did a bit of research online and found a company that prints prototype products based on 3D renderings at reasonable prices. So Tom and Dan quickly turned their sketch into a 3D model on the computer and sent off for a physical prototype, thinking not much of it at the time.

When the sample product arrived in the mail Dan and Tom couldn’t have been more excited. Suddenly their idea had gone from something in their heads, to a physical product they could feel and see. The motivational boost they got from being able to hold their idea was invigorating.

The duo quickly put together a project on Kickstarter and within a day had raised $10,000 to create their product on a larger scale. Within roughly a month Tom and Dan had raised more than $100,000 and had received thousands of orders for their suddenly popular product, of which only a rough prototype existed.

Ultimately their extremely simple idea ended up as a business, Studio Neat, and both Tom and Dan now work full-time for themselves, creating revolutionary products for innovative technologies.

What could have happened with all of your past ideas that you didn’t have time for, we may never now. But the potential to change your life is always there.

Be like Tom and Dan, do something with your ideas when they first strikes; that’s when the most potential for any type of success is.

Draw out your idea on paper, write it down, share it with a friend, research the details, do anything you can right now to see that your ideas are pursued and don’t merely go to the bottom of a stack of ideas or to-do items. Doing something with your ideas right now could change your life, or that of a thousand or more people.

You won’t know until you try something. What have you got to lose?

Illustration by Ramos Alejandro.