Where good ideas come from

Kevin Kelly, author of the new book What Technology Wants, and Steven Johnson, author of the equally incredible Where Good Ideas Come From, recently sat down with Wired Magazine to talk about the idea of ideas and exactly where ideas come from.

If you want to better understand your creativity and the human brain itself, the interview is a must read.

Here’s a snippet from the interview about thinking as an individual versus in a group or network:

Johnson: At the end of my book, I try to look at that phenomenon systematically. I took roughly 200 crucial innovations from the post‒Gutenberg era and figured out how many of them came from individual entrepreneurs or private companies and how many from collaborative networks working outside the market. It turns out that the lone genius entrepreneur has always been a rarity–there’s far more innovation coming out of open, nonmarket networks than we tend to assume.

Then Kevin Kelly follows up by saying:

Kelly: Really, we should think of ideas as connections,in our brains and among people. Ideas aren’t self‒contained things; they’re more like ecologies and networks. They travel in clusters.

Haven’t read the interview yet? It’s a definite must read for, well…anyone, really. Ready the whole interview here: Kevin Kelly and Steven Johnson on Where Ideas Come From.