If you’re not the person bringing ideas to the table…

If you’re not the person bringing ideas to the table, somebody else will.

Perhaps, but even if that’s true, the ideas somebody else shares won’t be the same as the ones you can. Because only you have seen the world through your eyes, with your mind. Only you understand, or have questions about, or are moved by, things unique to your experience.

We often forget that the bridge between the best idea and the rest, is perspective.

A result of believing this fallacy is that we either spend all of our energy seeking out an impossible “best” idea, or we don’t bother trying to think creatively to begin with. In both cases, we lose.

Nobody is asking you to come up with the best idea on that spot, that’s a myth perpetuated by fictional literature and cinema. Instead, what we’re asking you to do is to share your perspective, your original thought.

Even if somebody else could say something similar, come to a similar conclusion, or have a similar thought, it’s not the same, because it’s not from you.

Doodle by Luigi Mengato.