This might be wrong, but…

One of the most important things we can do to live more creatively is embracing the notion that what we’re doing might be wrong, but doing it anyway.

The act of creation isn’t necessarily to be right, it’s to create. Right or wrong plays no part.

This is true for both conceptual thinking as it is for the act of physical creation. Writing a chapter for a new book shouldn’t be about writing the perfect chapter, because that’s the most sure-fire way to end up stuck before you’ve even had a chance to begin. Generating ideas shouldn’t be about trying to find the right ideas, because doing so blinds you to what is outside of your pre-conceived notion of what makes an idea good or bad.

It’s only after the creation that we can step back and evaluate the correctness of what we’ve created. Until then, we must focus on first creating, otherwise everything we do will be founded on beliefs we’ve established for ourselves not based on reality, but out of fear.

To think more creatively, then, rely on the statement: “I might be wrong, but…”

Any time you sit down to write, to doodle, to kick off a project, to brainstorm, to move an idea forward. Yes, you might be wrong, but you might also be heading in a direction that is closer to right than you could have imagined otherwise.