How you feel affects what you create

How you feel affects what you do and create every day.

An artist who grows tired while drawing will undoubtedly start to make mistakes in their work.

If you’ve ever tried drawing while tired – or when you’re really not that into it – then you know the impact it has on what it is you’re creating. The lines you draw won’t be even, or there will be disconnects where there shouldn’t be, or lines will wave when they should be straight.

Our feelings and our state of being goes into nearly everything we do. How you feel is represented in nearly everything you do and create. An artist who doesn’t take the time to delicately draw perfect lines or shapes because of exhaustion or depression will always produce work that is very different from the art created by an artist who happily or excitedly and carefully crafts his or her work.

The same goes for all of us.

If you’re a teacher your feelings and attitude will be reflected upon your student(s). As a leader or manager your team depends on your excitement and your actions to move forward themselves. Artists, writers, craftsmen (and women), designer, web developers, marketing specialists, everyone reflects their feelings in their work.

That’s not to say that you should always be happy and excited about your work, that’s certainly a fallacy.

But as you go about your regular business today, be mindful of your feelings and whether or not you would want those feelings to be reflected in your work. How you feel will surely affect the types of things you do and work you create.

Illustration source: Flickr.