You don’t have to be an artist to be creative

When you think of someone who is “creative”, what do you usually imagine them doing?

Are they drawing or painting? Do you imagine they use a lot of artistic materials? Believing that a “creative” is merely an artist is a fallacy. Creatives aren’t just artists. They’re not only writers or poets either. To be creative you don’t have to be a sculptor or craftsman (or woman) or sculptor or designer.

We’re all creative.

Teachers use their creativity to educate their students in helpful and meaningful ways. Leaders use their creativity to help those around them find their own motivation and solutions to problems. Construction workers, computer repair technicians, plumbers, chefs, and TV salesmen all use creativity to do their jobs every day.

Creativity is more than part of our jobs as well: we all use creativity every day to do little things here and there.

Things we often might overlook, like finding the least-stressful way to work or school. Like organizing our closet. Like deciding on what to have for breakfast. Nearly everything we do during the day can be a part of our creative process, if we want it to be.

Whenever you hear the word “creative” again: remember that it’s not meant for artists or writers, but for everyone. Including you.

Photo by Tim Grable.