Do you need to spend money to be creative?

There is an apparent desire for more or betterproducts in those who create.

An artist longs for a larger or better designed canvas. A writer seeks out a more fluid pen or a more personable writing application. Both students and entrepreneurs look diligently for the perfect cafe to sit down and get started in. The creative evangelist searches repeatedly for the next big book of inspiration.

It makes you wonder if spending money is a natural part of being creative.

If you want to be a painter, after-all, you have to be able to buy paint. But the fallacy lies in the type and quality of paint you’re seeking out.

If you want to write, you need nothing more than the computer in front of you and a very basic text editor (which comes free with nearly any type of device these days). But you don’t even need that if you have a very basic pen and a scrap of paper.

To be a artist all you need, again, is a scrap of paper and something (anything) to draw with. To be a teacher you simply need something to teach. To do your homework or write out a business plan or put together a blog post you don’t need a cafe with cushioned seats and the perfect size of cappuccino; you just need somewhere to sit.

You don’t need to spend money to be creative (or to become more creative). You simply need the desire to be creative, or to learn, or explore, to be strong enough to use what you’ve already got.

Everything is a blank piece of paper to those who want to draw bad enough.

Photo by Daniella Echeverria.