Be an explorer today

Creativity flourishes when you experiment and explore the unknown.

When you try anything new, you’re exploring new ideas – even when you don’t consciously feel as though you are – and that leads to new insights in your life. Any time you attempt something new and experiment, your brain stores the experience away for future reference.

The more you know, the more creative you can be.

While trying at least one thing new every day can benefit your creative capacity, attempting a whole slew of new things regularly is what will really help you to be creative.

True creative geniuses work tirelessly to experiment with new ideas nearly every waking hour. You certainly don’t have to dedicate all of your time to trying new things, but any opportunity you get to try something new or different is an opportunity to expand your knowledge, to fuel your creativity, and to explore.

Today, explore the unknown around you. Do more than try just one new thing today. Dedicate today to experimentation and exploration however you can. Just try it today and see where it brings you.

Photo by Stephen Brace.