What creativity is really about

Creativity is important not merely for what it can do for us, but what it requires us to do in order to experience it.

The flash of insight you get when trying to tackle a daunting challenge, or the sudden vision of what words to put on the page or lines to paint across the canvas, those don’t appear from nowhere. How we get to those points is through exploration, rumination, and experiencing the world.

Though we often tout the magic of creativity as being the ideas it introduces into our lives, the real magic of creativity is in its ability to tease us into experiencing life from new and unique vantages.

Creativity isn’t about bringing magic into the world, it’s about finding it already out there and shining a light on it.

To be creative is to explore, tinker, travel, ponder, and do it all from behind wide-open eyes. Creativity from this standpoint is more than generating novel and unique ideas, it’s a pursuit of wonder.

Knowing this enables us to loosen our expectations, to freely trot forwrd in our exploration of possibilities. And in our loose pursuit of wonder what we may find is precisely what we were hopeful to discover all along: a way to keep moving forward.

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