Where to look for creative feedback

To get the most from your ideas you have to get them in front of the right people.

The right people will give you constructive feedback on why your ideas are working and, if not, what you might do to improve them. But the hard part of finding the right people to share new ideas with is finding the people who can look at it both with a critical eye as well as one that can add potential creative value.

We all shy away from the unfamiliar, but embrace the conventional. It doesn’t matter whether your idea or creative work is any good or not if it’s never seen by the people who would benefit from it most.

This creates a conundrum for sharing ideas.

The reliable way to get an idea looked at long enough for it to effectively be evaluated it is to get it in front of those who are at least somewhat interested in it. But the only way to get the most radically novel feedback on an idea is to show it to the more naive around you, those who have no historical biases in the same realm as the idea.

If you’re a painter this means the last person you should show your latest work to is a lawyer, a cafe owner, or even a fellow painter. You’d get more critical attention and better feedback by discussing the work with someone who is an artist themselves, but not biased by traditional painting concepts. A ceramic artist, a sculptor, or a digital designer would be a better bet, as an example.

When you look next to get feedback on an idea, get it in front of the people who will be able to not only evaluate the core of it, but who can also bring a different perspective to it.