How to be a creative leader

The Harvard Business Review has a great article up titled How Companies Can Develop Critical Thinkers and Creative Leaders, but don’t let the title of the article fool you: there’s a lot of valuable advice in the article for anyone who wants to grow into a creative thinker.

In the article, Col. Bernard Banks discusses how the U.S. Army trains soldiers to become creative thinkers, rather than just doers. Col. Banks explains that “The goal is not to teach them what to think, but to enhance their ability to think critically and creatively about the myriad of contingencies posed by a fluid environment – in essence to teach them how to think.”

Did you get that? One of the most important aspects of becoming a creative thinker – at least according to the US Army – isn’t learning what to think, it’s learning how to think.

Let that description soak in for a minute.

“The goal is not to learn what to think, but how to think.”

Have you been focusing on discovering the right answers, or have you been searching for the right process?

That, and more, here: How Companies Can Develop Critical Thinkers and Creative Leaders.