Four of my top Inc articles on creativity

I’ve been writing a lot lately over on, if you haven’t been following my writing on creativity, innovation, and productivity over there here’s what you’ve missed:

5 ways the most successful CEOs build creative confidence. What do Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and Ariana Huffington do to stay cool and confident under so much pressure? They actively seek out new experiences, constantly ask investigative questions, role play, mingle with experts, and fail often.

How to boost innovation when nothing else will. Instead of worrying about painting your office walls bright colors, drinking a lot of caffeine, or following the routines of famous creatives: ask a lot of questions. Questions do what colored walls and open offices can’t: they open a gap in our knowledge.

Four powerful modern tools for making ideas happen. Creativity without action isn’t innovation, it’s simply imagination. The most impactful creativity is the kind that moves ideas forward. Turn your ideas into a reality by hiring, printing, and sourcing them with these four websites.

What a toothpaste factory can teach us about creative thinking. The real difficulty of creative change isn’t the implementation, it’s uncovering what we aren’t seeing.