This was on Creative Something in 2011

January 1st is a defining moment. On that date, four years ago, I started a small website dedicated to creativity. Today, after almost half a decade, Creative Something now stands as the leading blog for creative ideas and inspiration.

Thanks greatly in part to you.

When you read these articles and feel some sense of inspiration or motivation, then I’ve done my job. When you share anything you find on this website on Twitter or Facebook, through Google+ or email, that means you’re finding value here, which is ultimately the goal of everything I do here.

So thank you for making this all worthwhile. Come January 1st, 2012, Creative Something will officially be four years old, and I hope to continue sharing tidbits and insights of creative ideas, inspiration, wisdom, and news with you (which means, if you haven’t subscribed by email or RSS, do so now on the right column of the website).

Now, let’s look back together on some of the highlights of Creative Something during the past year, 2011.

1. The rules of a creative’s life.

Nine simple rules that help propel creatives (that means you) to success. Whether you’re an artist, a writer, a craftsperson, an entrepreneur, a student or a teacher, or anyone in-between: these rules are for you.

2. Yes! Your creativity is what the world needs.

Really, artists and creative geniuses, successful entrepreneurs, famous writers, all of the people you looked up to and still do, they are all exactly like you when it comes to creativity.

3. Why your brain is utterly creative just before sleep.

You’re just about to drift off to sleep after a long day, and your brain will not shut down. Rather than going comfortably to sleep land, your brain starts to run around and you find yourself coming up with ideas or solving problems. Why is that?

4. What is creativity, and why should I Care?

Think of everything in your life that you use regularly – the coffee maker, chairs, books, computers, phones, paper and pencils, cars – and suddenly you realize that all of these things, all of these tools and resources were created as a direct result of creativity.

5. Everything is easier once you start.

Whenever someone asks me how I was able to write a book, or become a world‒reknown designer, or start a number of companies, or work with some of the most creative people in the world, my answer is similar: I just did. And you can too.

Thank you again for reading, sharing, and being a part of this rapidly growing creative network.

I look forward to seeing you next year!