Why you should make time for creative play

If you want to be seriously creative, stop taking yourself so seriously and make more time for play.

Play removes limits, which makes it ideal for creative exploration.

“Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun,” Alan Watts once stated.

Yet how often do we let play fall by the wayside? We dedicate so much time and energy on the here and now, expecting this moment to be our most challenging and rewarding, that we inevitably stop playing altogether. We stop wondering about what’s possible and instead worry about what’s not.

Consider a classic video game metaphor here though: you need to reserve your energy and tools for when you reach the final boss. For the rest of the game, your current skill level and what you have with you is enough.

And here’s the thing: boss battles account for less than 5% of the entire game.

Yes, plan for the end game, the big boss battle, where you’ll need to use everything you’ve got. But until then, remember that you’re not at the end of the game, you’re very likely still at the beginning of it. Play to level up. The difficult, serious stuff comes later.