What you can do with a little creativity

You can change almost any part of your life if you are curious enough to figure out how, and enough drive to do so. And you don’t have to be as smart as Elon Musk, on a mission to propel the human race to Mars, to do it.

I’m reminded of William Kamkwamba, a poor boy who taught himself how to build a functional windmill by reading books at the libraries in his village. He constructed his first windmill using scrap, the junk his friends and family didn’t want. The windmill ended up generating electricity to light his home, and kick-started a massive movement in Africa to build sustainable methods for powering homes, phones, and computers. Kamkwamba wasn’t an engineer. He wasn’t even a student of engineering. He was just a kid with a curiosity and access to libraries.

A conversation is taking place on Hacker News today where experienced software engineers are discussing a multitude of ways someone might learn how to program a computer without having access to one! Is it possible to learn to program without a comuter? Absolutely. The discussion covers a handful of ways it might be done. Go read it.

The possibilities to do things differently, to change your life, to do more than you think, are there… you just have to care enough to seek them out. (It helps if you can discuss them with knowledgable friends too, of course.)