The cost or value of creating something from nothing

Any time I sit down to write, I feel a fairly concrete fear that what I’m about to do may be a wasted effort. Writing this right now, for example.

I feel like any time I invest in putting work down on the page might be a waste of my time. Couldn’t I invest in something more likely to yield a positive result? Something more guaranteed. Writing is a risk. What if what I wrote doesn’t resonate with anyone? What if I somehow lose what I write? What if I can’t get the right words, or even the right idea to convey?

These are valid worries. And anyone who sits down in front of a blank canvas, or a waiting audience, will face similar fears.

When we encounter these fears, we can combat them by considering their opposite. What if this is exactly what I need to be doing right now? What if this resonates with one person who needs it most? What if the words or colors or motions I use are exactly what’s needed?

If the risk of putting something out into the world is temporary embarrassment, or being ignored, but the possible upside is impacting the life of one person, would you rather take the risk than now?

What’s the outcome of trying to make something from nothing, versus not? Would you be willing to take the risk if the opposite of your fears was merely a possibility?