Every day is an opportunity to do something different

Today isn’t the same as yesterday. Why would you treat it the same?

It’s easy to think of today as just another day. After-all, the sun rose as it has before, the sky is still hanging above you, and everything else is, more or less, as it’s always been for most of us. But that’s not entirely true, is it?

If you take a day and throw yourself at it, just to see what happens as a result, you increase the likelihood of the day not being just another day, but something more.

It helps to remember that each great work of art began the same way: as an empty white canvas or sheet of paper. It wasn’t until the artist or craftsperson threw something unique onto the page that it began to shape into something new and unique.

Your days are the same way. Today can be the same canvas as yesterday, or you can decide to doodle something on it and see what you can make with it. Some days you’ll end up with just another mess of a canvas, some days you’ll start to see a work of art. But you don’t get to make the art until you see the canvas as an opportunity.