No excuses

What is standing in your way from creating something right now?

That’s not a trick question, take a minute to consider it if you have to. Try to nail down one or two things that are preventing you from creating something, digitally, physical, or otherwise. If you can’t move forward what can you do?

The typical thing to do when there’s something in your way, is to give up or put off doing the work.

Even the most veteran creatives will attest to putting off something that they should be doing. Daniel Pink, Seth Godin, Steven Johnson, Scott Belsky, they all encounter situations where something stands in their way from creating. So they stop, or they wait, or they come up with excuses.

It’s natural to find excuses.

But that’s what sets those who are successful apart from everybody else. Realizing that excuses are just that: excuses.

It can be hard to try and find your way around excuses, the obstacles we see before us, or beat them down, or get help when you really do need it. But that’s what makes the work all the more worthwhile. More often than not – especially with access to an unfathomable resource of information and help and tools on the internet – all you need to do is go around what’s standing in your way.

The artist without arms simply uses her mouth to hold the brush. The writer with no ideas simply writes about not having ideas. The designer without the right software on his computer uses the free tools available online.

You have no good excuses, you can’t tell me that you do. If you feel like there’s something in your way, just walk around it. Find a way (there really is always a way). No excuses.