Can music change your mind?

What type of music do you think creative people tend to enjoy?

Wait, don’t answer that, it’s a trick question. Obviously the type of music someone listens to doesn’t affect whether or not they’re creative, right?

According to one study done by the University of Utah, music doesn’t just reflect who you are but can actually influence who you are.

Jessica Turner, a music therapist with the University of Utah’s Neuropsychiatric Institute, explains that “Music changes the physical makeup and wiring of the brain. As you listen to music, new connections and synapses in your brain are formed.”

So what genre of music would someone who’s very creative listen to? Not surprisingly: most genres. At least, according to Professor Adrian North, PhD of Herriot Watt University, who found that those who listen to blues, jazz, classical, opera, reggae, dance, indie, bollywood, rock or heavy metal, and soul music are typically creative, while those who listen to pop music are not.

Music undoubtedly influences mood and occasionally behavior (you’re likely to feel energized with louder, faster music than you are with a classical violin solo), but does it impact creativity, self‒esteem, and productivity?

What do you think? Read the whole report summary here and then decide what you think, and whether the music you listen to affects your creativity.