Here’s what creativity looks like

I had this realization when I first woke up this morning. The image here is what creativity looks like.

In the center is a problem, or issue, or topic, whatever you want to imagine there. It can be something you need to do at work, or your relationship with a best friend, or a goal you want to reach this year.

The outer points are the possible solutions, or answers, or outcomes.

For every problem or topic we have, there are a seemingly infinite number of solutions and answers. Creativity is connecting the problem to the solutions, and the outcome of any creative endeavour always includes more than one connection.

Your goal is to seek out those connections. They exist, they are out there, you simply have to look for them. That’s what creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, managers, and brilliant thinkers do: find the connections. It’s easy on the cover.

Of course, the same tool we use to find those solutions is the same tool that tends to get in our way, to convince us that we can’t do it or that an answer is too crazy or too boring to work. Even when they’re not.

The trick, I think, is to embrace the boring and crazy and unknown, and focus on finding as many connections as you can until you find one that you just can’t say no to. That’s where you’ll find success.