Creating the life you want for yourself

You can’t always do the work that makes you happy.

Ar least, for most of us, life doesn’t work like that. You have obligations to keep, bills to pay, relationships to maintain, and expectations to fulfill.

Someone who wants to live soley as an artist, for example, but who also has a family to look after, might not be able to be just an artist.

But that’s an excuse.

Life isn’t fair, of course, but if you work hard consistently you will undoubtedly encounter success. In-fact, Steve Jobs once spoke of success as being the ability to endure.

Running a side-business when it keeps you up at night is an aspect of enduring towards success. The artist who works a full-time job, takes care of her family, and still dedicates an hour of every single day to her craft is bound to encounter an opportunity to change all of that, to become the full-time, world renown artist she dreams of being.

It’s not magic. It’s certainly not a trick or a “secret.”

Creativity works this way especially. Dedicate yourself to your passion and within time (usually shorter than you expect, but often longer than you would like) you will succeed at achieving your dream. The creative who dedicates him or herself to a lifetime of ideas will undoubtedly come up with something that changes the world. It’s a guarantee.

Success in creativity (as in any other aspect of life) simply takes dedication, passion, and persistence. When others give-up or say “I can’t,” you simply have to be there to press on.

If I can do it, and if historically great artists and writers and designers and photographers around the world can all do it, why can’t you?

Photo by Greg Westfall.