Important reminders of your creative abilities

The awards a movie actor displays in his studio are just as much for himself to admire as they are for friends or visitors.

When you walk into a Michelin Star restaurant and see the number of stars proudly on display, that’s just as much for you as it is for the restaurant staff.

Or consider that every day you probably find yourself surrounded by reminders of someone else’s accomplishments and capabilities. You probably didn’t mold the bowls you use to eat food out of every day, somebody else probably designed and crafted them. You probably didn’t or create the music you listen to or write scripts for the shows you watch on tv too,. These are somebody else’s creations, we’re just the ones admiring or consuming them.

When you surround yourself with the creativity of everyone else, you’re bound to feel a little less capable from time to time. Occasionally these things can inspire you or help spark new ways of thinking, so it can be good to have them around. But like the movie actor or award winning restaurant: it’s important to surround yourself with reminders of your own abilities and victories too, no matter how small they may be.

The actor finds a reason to keep showing up when he sees the trophie that reflects his ability to tell stories. The restaurant staff gets a second wind of energy on a busy night every time they pass the framed paper which says they’re the only ones who can do the work they’re doing.

It doesn’t take much to remind yourself why you do what you do, even when things get tough, mundane, or confusing.

Whether it’s artwork you’ve made and hung up around your home, awards your work has won, or even written or printed snippets of kind words others have said about your work, it’s important to surround yourself with things that prove your capabilities. These things can be great motivators when you find yourself procrastinating, uncertain of who you are or what you want to accomplish. Even the most subtle reminder of your abilities can be a powerful force in overcoming self doubt or future criticism.

If you’ve found yourself uninspired or unmotivated as of late, look around you. Surround yourself with your own inspiration, your own reminders of success. These things can help remind you of why you do what you do every day, no matter how small they are.