How creatives break away from old ideas

How do we, as creative individuals, break away from old ideas? Ideas that otherwise hold us in their grips because they’re all we’ve known, or because we’re afraid of what might happen if we let go.

Brian Tracy gives us a few answers. He says that the most impactful creatives admit when they’re wrong, face up to their mistakes, are flexible with new information, and are willing to cut their losses.

“Here are two ways you can break out of narrow thinking patterns and become more creative. First, be willing to admit that you are not perfect, you make mistakes, you are wrong on a regular basis. This is a mark of intelligence and courage. Second, with new information, be willing to change your mind.”

When we shy away from mistakes or being wrong, we train ourselves to always hold tightly to what we know—even when the information may be flawed or inaccurate. This is true for creativity as it is for everything else in our lives.

The way out is to admit you’re not perfect, then embrace what happens when new information presents itself.