What to do after you start

Getting started is easy if you are motivated enough.

You take the first few steps, you put the pencil to the paper and move it around a bit, or you open the text editor on your computer and make the clackity noise, or whatever else it takes to simply do something.

But what then?

If you’re like everyone else then you start to encounter strange feelings, of fear and doubt and uncertainty. It’s in this place, just after you start something, that creativity really shines.

You’ll begin to question yourself and your abilities. You’ll find yourself asking “Is this the right way?” repeatedly. Undoubtedly, shortly after you start something, you will feel discouraged. At least, if you’re really doing something worthwhile, you’ll have these feelings. That’s where you find the value of your own abilities, of course.

Like walking around a strange city without a map, the only way to know what’s out there is to explore.

Without exploration, we wouldn’t be where we are today. So embrace the fear and uncertainty and doubt you feel after starting something, it’s a sign you’re on the right track.

Photo by Grand Canyon NPS.