To make creativity sustainable, don’t wait

Mere ideas aren’t worth anything.

When professional creatives are paid it’s because they either have worthwhile knowledge and experience that they can actively educate others about, or because they create work that sells.

In both cases, the only way to make creativity sustainable is to do something with your ideas. Creation is the key to creativity, after all. Consider this: everyone has ideas, floating around in their minds. On the other hand: not everyone knows what to do with those ideas or executes them.

If you feel like your purpose in life is to be a creative, you have to create work that other people can see, use, and feel inspired by. Without a large portfolio of work you won’t have the valuable experiences to share or anything to sell.

You won’t sell everything you create, but the experience and being able to add the work to your growing portfolio is valuable in and of itself. Create for the sake of creating, but if you want to do it for a living you’ll have to find a way to sell the work, or sell what you learned by creating it.

So get out there and create something today. It’s your only chance.

Photo by Lorraine Santana.