Breaking routines for creativity


Routines can give you structure, but they can also help boost your creativity.

It’s through routines that we go about our typical day. You likely have a morning ritual you go through regularly, or a set time you use to write or work or study. Routines help us to structure our time and often aspects of our life, but they can help us become more creative as well.

As Jack Cheng puts it: “One of the biggest advantages of having routines is what comes out of breaking them.”

Think to a time when you were stuck in a routine, doing a specific action again and again for much longer than you would have liked, and then, suddenly, doing something differently. There’s a burst of energy when a routine is broken. “Bursts of creativity happen when you break the cycle. When you get used to sleeping at 11 every night, staying up until 4 can lead to a new spectrum of ideas.”

What routines can you break to fuel your creativity? Which ones are absolutely unbreakable? Why?