The fallacy of creative success

What does success look like for a creative individual?

For many of us, we believe that creative success is the act of creating something and seeing it do well. From spreading content online, to publishing a book, selling a painting, getting that big raise after solving the company’s problem, all of these can be measures of success for someone who is creative.

But that’s not entirely true.

Creative people need to create, it’s regularly what makes us feel purpose in life. So even if we do sell that big painting, or if we create something that millions of people around the world use, the measure of success isn’t there.

Sure, if you do any of these things you’re going to feel great, but after some time the feeling will fade and you’ll realize that you have to keep creating in order to pursue that feeling of “success”.

The real measure of creative success, I think, is the ability to create without restrictions. To spend your days doing the work that makes you happy, even when it fails.

That’s real creative success: the ability to create unrestricted. Something to keep in mind.

Photo by Futurilla.