To be creative is to be curious

When you were a child you were curious about the world.

You experimented with things, you questioned nearly everything around you, you made an effort to see how and why things worked they way they did.

It’s in our very nature, as human beings, to have this innate sense of curiosity about the world around us. This tendency to be in a nearly constant state of wonder allows us to grow and merge with a society and world that was created well before we were born.

For some of us, unfortunately, that sense of wonder, of experimentation, of curiosity, fades away as we get older. We fit into a mold, follow a routine, and curiosity about the world around us becomes less important than paying bills and following the status quo.

To be creative you have to embrace your inner curiosity. There is so much in the world around you that you likely do not understand, there are millions of reasons to be curious every day.

“ I have no special talent.“ Albert Einstein once stated. “I am only passionately curious.”

It is this sense of overwhelming curiosity that defines the greatest creative thinkers of our time. To be creative, you have to question why things are the way they are; you have to embrace the notion that maybe things could be better if they were different.

If you want to be creative: be passionately curious. That’s all there is to it.