What brainstorming is, and isn’t

Brainstorming can be a powerful tool for anyone.

Dedicating a small amount of time from your day or production cycle to simply sit and contemplate possible solutions or outcomes can be tremendously rewarding; though that’s not always the case.

How often do you view brainstorming as a set maze, especially when you create your own constraints for the session? How many times do you sit down to brainstorm and expect to begin in a certain place and end with a specific result?

Like a maze: viewing any time dedicated to creative thinking as a set route, as a set process, results in headaches and likely misguided efforts. How can you know what’s possible if you imagine there’s a set path that must be followed?

Brainstorming is not a maze, it’s a toolset.

You’re given constraints, rules, and topics, and your goal isn’t to find the end of the maze, but rather: your goal in brainstorming is to see all of the many solutions you can make in a certain amount of time.

Brainstorming isn’t a maze at all, it’s a collection of time and rough ideas for you to play with. Use it accordingly.