Here’s something to try: recreate whatever inspires you

When you see something that inspires you – a new movie, a phrase in a book, or a beautifully designed poster, for example – how do you react?

A typical first response to great inspiration is to state how wonderful it is, bookmark it, post it on your website, or pin it to Pinterest. All of these responses are good, especially if you are saving the best inspirational pieces somewhere that you can look back on when you need to be motivated.

But how much of what inspires you do you really understand?

Here’s a rewarding experiment you could try at the beginning of every week: find something that really inspires you, then spend no more than half an hour recreating it yourself.

The value of recreating those things that inspires you is being able to not only see what may have gone into the creation process, but you also gain a better understanding of why specific elements of the inspiration go where they do.

This experiment isn’t a definitive way to understand inspiration, of course, but it’s a great way to better grasp the minute elements behind the piece.