Jonah Lehrer’s 10 quick creativity hacks

Over on The Wall Street Journal, author Jonah Lehrer recently wrote about how to be creative.

I strongly recommend reading Jonah’s article if you haven’t yet. The points Jonah hits on are right along the lines of what I’ve been writing here on Creative Something over the past four years.

But, as an extra bonus, the end of Jonah’s article features a list of 10 quick creativity hacks that are certain to help inspire you this week. Some of the tips include:

Color Me Blue. A 2009 study found that subjects solved twice as many insight puzzles when surrounded by the color blue, since it leads to more relaxed and associative thinking. Red, on other hand, makes people more alert and aware, so it is a better backdrop for solving analytic problems.

Move to a Metropolis. Physicists at the Santa Fe Institute have found that moving from a small city to one that is twice as large leads inventors to produce, on average, about 15% more patents.

Daydream Away. Research led by Jonathan Schooler at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has found that people who daydream more score higher on various tests of creativity.

To see the whole creativity hacks list, head over to the full article.