The best of Creative Something 2008


The year 2008 is just about over, and that means Creative Something is just about to turn a year old!

For the past year we’ve shared a lot of creative insights together, and the blog has grown tremendously! So, in celebration of the past year and how far we’ve come, I want to share eight of the best posts here on Creative Something from 2008.

  1. How creative are you? Take the quiz and find out!

    How creative do you think you are?

    Do you ever wonder how creative your friends, your boss, and your family might be? Well wonder no more. Creative Something is proud to announce The Creativity Quiz!

  2. Six confessions from creative professionals.

    From not really being creative, to thinking that creativity is incredibly hard, these creative confessions are an interesting look into the secret thoughts of some of the biggest creative geniuses of our time.

  3. 10 of the greatest web sources for creative inspiration.

    Have you ever sat in front of a blank computer screen, or empty piece of paper, or a really white whiteboard, and wished you had some source of inspiration to help you with your creativity?

  4. Seven creative habits you need to acquire.

    If you are a creative amateur, professional, or wanna–be, these are seven creative habits that will help you increase your creative potential, and give your creativity more “oomph” when you need it most.

  5. Top 10 ways to fuel your creativity.

    Simply coming up with creative ideas can be extremely hard and time consuming, especially for – but not limited to – creative professionals; finding advice on fueling creativity is almost just as hard.

  6. NY girl creates functioning invisibility cloak.

    New York City, NY – What scientists have been trying to create for years, Abby Dougal, age 7, has put together in only a few hours.

    With some help from her parents, using nothing more but a bed sheet and scissors, Abby has constructed a fully functional invisibility cloak.

  7. Six of the best ways to produce incredible ideas.

    Let’s face it, generating ideas is not an easy thing to do. But there are a few techniques you may not be aware of that can make generating ideas easier than you originally thought. In–fact: there are a lot of techniques you can use to help you generate ideas, but not all of the techniques produce great results.

  8. How do you spark creativity?

    Creativity is like fire: it can be difficult to start if you don’t know how.

    Creativity is also like fire in the sense that one little spark has the potential to turn into something extremely enormous and powerful. All it takes is a little know–how to spark your creativity, and before you know it you will be overwhelmed with creativity. At least, that’s what we all hope for (it doesn’t happen like that all of the time).

So there you have it!

2009 is just about here and with it are some BIG announcements from me regarding Creative Something, including the announcement of a NEW book, creative juice for sale, and more!

See you next year! And thank you for reading!