Searching for true inspiration

If you are an artist the last place you should look for inspiration is in a museum or art gallery.

If you are a musician you should avoid listening to mainstream music or music of your same genre when trying to find inspiration.

If you’re a web designer searching for creative inspiration, the millions of web galleries that exist online today should be the very last place you look for ideas.

The problem with artists looking in museums or musicians listening to current music or web designers searching through web inspiration galleries or you looking where you feel you should for creative inspiration, is that you end up looking only at what already exists.

By looking at what has already been created in your industry or your field of hobby you are not inspiring your creativity, but rather increasing your knowledge of what already exists today. Where’s the creativity in that? Those works of art or musical compositions or web designs already exist, you can’t find inspiration to be creative if you’re only looking at things that have already been created. You canfind inspiration to be creative outside of these realms however.

Rather than searching in the places you feel that you should for inspiration, try looking in places that you wouldn’t originally think to look.

An artist can be greatly inspired by architecture in a small town, for example. A musician can find inspiration in nature or other cultures. A web designer can discover inspiring ideas for a new website from poetry readings. It’s in these new and unexplored areas that true creative inspiration can be found. It’s from outside your initial perspective that you can find the insight you need to create something new or useful or both.

Avoid searching for inspiration in places where you will only find what has already been done. Instead, spend your time searching for inspiration in new avenues, new cultures, and outside of your own experiences.

That’s how you find true creative inspiration.